Sunday, June 22, 2014

What a Week June 3

We finally got back to having a Regular week, so that was awesome. Our schedule was filled with teaching and just a little bit of service instead of the other way around. There  was however 1 day, that was just absolutely filled, with false doctrine, from members and non members. it was a truly SPECIAL day.

That day was saturday. We met with an investigating family and some members that may have a few screws loose when it comes to religion and stuff like that. The biggest thing with the investigating family was that they thought we were working for our salvation, or our Resurrection. so we explained many times that wasnt the case, but that we were working for exaltation. Then they didnt want to hear about the BOM because they knew it wasnt correct because the saw how it was made on Nat. Geo. So we told them for probably the 5th time that was incorrect and that they needed to start listening to us if they truly wanted to know the truth. So we bore testimony, invited them to pray and got out of there. Id say that is one of the hardest parts of missionary work, when people want to know but they simply wont listen or really struggle listening. But sadly it wasnt the end. We went to a members home, the "prophetess" if you remember who told us not to go with the russians when they invade because they will make you like the jews. Well this time, she told us that mankind in this day and age are going to be punished for giving women equal rights...this was a female that said this... it was just a gong show of a day!

But luckily we had Stake Conference the next day which really brought the week back up. There was a broadcast from Salt lake and Elder Holland and Pres. Eyring spoke. Elder Holland spoke of having more faith in Christ and the Atonement. he said that the people listening needed to do 1 of 3 things. Repent, have faith in the atonement if you did repent, and then he directed his remarks to the investigators present (which this is my favorite part) he said "get baptized!" it was awesome!

I thought a lot this week about what the gospel does for individuals. And really the main thing i thought of was it gives meaning to life. i cant imagine what life would be like without it. it would really be hopeless! and a quote sums it up pretty well. this came from the 2nd counseller in the bishopric "id rather live believing in god and die and find out there isnt one, than not believe and find out there is one"

in other news this week, there was some sweet thunder here! it shook the house we were in for a good 10 seconds, it was super cool.

Quote of the Week comes from my Companion. We were at a members home and he made us sit in the living room for dinner because there was a hockey game on. The wife brought out cups and he said "Well we might as well drink out of Red Solo Cups if your gonna make us watch hockey"

Well, Keep it real!
Elder Thompson