Monday, May 26, 2014

We Be Ballin'

This week was filled with a ton of service again, which isn't a bad thing, except it took us away from teaching. But it is still good to do service and to help out all those in need. We helped a Less Active lady paint her house this week and we worked hard! It was really cool to see her warm up to us as we worked. You could just see the trust starting to build so hopefully we can get her back to church.

This week I thought a lot about following impressions. There was even a talk in Sacrament on it! And the talk was really good. She gave examples about when she did and didn't follow them. and this week I had a good experience with that! A member invited a friend over to their home for dinner and asked us to stop by as if we were just checking up on the family. so we did that and they invited us in to share a message with them. As  I introduced the thought, we originally planned on the first 2 principles of lesson 1 but  I felt strongly that that wasn't what should be brought up. so I started thinking and service came into my mind so I went with it. After wards the member called and said that went perfectly and the message was exactly the type he wanted. So that was really cool.

We got stuck in our Chevy Trax this week. It was bound to happen and it finally did. We took a wrong turn, made it pretty far, tried to come back and at the last possible opportunity, we got stuck... so that was fun waiting for half the day to get pulled out. So, what did I learn from that? I thought of how a lot of times we make mistakes and take a wrong path that isn't of the path of righteousness. We go a ways and we try to come back. Sometimes we can do it but other times we get stuck and we can't get out without the help of loving friends/family and our leaders. But when we do get out, we know not to make the same mistake again and we are happy we are back on the right road.

In other news, we should be having a baptism in about a week and a half! It seems like she is finally going to go throught with it! My comp is baptizing her, and then I am confirming her. and honestly, I am absolutely terrifed! But I know I will be fine.

Quote of the week comes from basketball this week when a guy named Mo(other wise known as Mr. NBA or Olympian because that's how seriously he takes it) rebuked me for missing 2 shots out of 10. "Come on man, if I give you the ball you gotta make your shots!" Haha we had a good laugh and then laughed even harder because he was serious. ( This is the guy who yelled at a 12 year old kid for not playing good enough defense.)

But, all is well, so have a good week and keep it real!

Elder Thompson

I didnt know Canada could produce anything that wasnt brown or white. this is just weird!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Thought I was Free

This week was a crazy Gong show! But as a result, I'm basically a professional farmer, raker, and bottle sorter, and ax wielder. We did a lot of service this week. We helped set up a 100 mile horse race, so that was fun. That's where we became farmers/cowboys. it was a lot of fun.
We also had a not so fun experience this week. Some guy called us and said he was super interested and wanted to learn so we got all his info and set up an appointment. so we went to the appointment and waited. we called the number he gave us and it was wrong, so we called the number that he called from and apparently that person doesn't exist. I hope he enjoyed himself, because it's not a big deal, it's only the Lord's time that he wasted. I'm sure he doesn't mind when that happens... But oh well, it's not in my power, so I'll drop it. 

There were some really funny things that happened this week. We went Canadian bowling, which only has 5 pins and a small ball with no holes in it. so its kinda stupid. But we beat the canadians! so no big deal, we chanted USA! as we walked out of there without looking back. We also had a great time at Walmart. and this will serve as quote of the week. So we were getting water bottles and milk and I was going to get the water and Elder Merkley was getting the milk. So this cashier was obviously new because he reached completely over the register to scan the milk AND the water. So I was like whatever I'll buy em both. (oh and he was East Indian, hence the title) so I swipe my card and the receipt prints. One of them the customer is supposed to sign. He was completely baffled at that one and finally he asked "what is this" so I told him I am supposed to sign it. So he signs it instead... and then says" now what?" so I told him I sign it and he tenderly passed it over and I signed it. again he said "now what?" and I said you keep that one. and he said "Oh, thank you dude." Haha it was a funny experience. So basically I'm also a master Walmart cashier.
But have a good week, and keep it real!
Elder Thompson

These represent 1/8 of the bottles we sorted.

The Bowling Alley

In honor of Bret's birthday

A successful mission transfer - the staff made from toilet paper rolls

It's 10:45 at night

Sunday, May 18, 2014

How Hard of a Last Name is Thompson?

So my comp and I had, or were given the wonderful opportunity of speaking yesterday for Mother's Day. On the program, it said Elder Johnson.... like people up here have a really hard time with it. It's either Johnson or Thomas, but rarely do they ever get it right! There is even a Thomson in this ward and they still struggle. But it's okay, I have forgiven them and still love them.
But it was fun, I guess, to speak about mothers. Basically in a nut shell I talked about serving the women around you not only on Mother's Day, but every day. maybe a little more on Mother's Day though. and I think it is safe to say that everyone will be blessed if they do that, because women tend to have leverage on the men, just sayin. I also talked about how all women can be mothers even if they can't have children. and of course i talked about my own mom because what kind of talk would it be if the speaker didn't speak about his own mother. But it was good, or at least that's what people told us, so I'll take their word on that. And skyping home was great! just thought id add that in there.

This week there was a fire that burned down a members green houses, and they lost quite a bit of money. so we are doing a big bottle drive to raise some money for them. we have a less active and an investigator that had a TON of bottles that they donated. and of course we had the privilege of sorting them and all that good stuff. so, we smelled like beer and had it all over our service clothes. But that's okay because it went towards a worthy cause. 

This week was pretty weird. We had district meeting, Zone training meeting, and exchanges this week. so my high of the week comes from exchanges. i got to drive the truck! It's a 2014 Chevy Silverado. and it's way better than our car, the chevy Trax, because well when you see two guys in it, you start to question life, and where it is headed. We also got to teach a lot so that was part of the high too. Low this week was dropping one of our investigators. It was the first one that I had to drop, but it wasn't too bad. The person just refused to do any of the commitments we left her and well you can't exactly do that with missionaries and expect to keep meeting with them. and also, I absolutely cannot stand, when a member tries to tell us how to do our job, or when a non member tries to tell us what we believe. But that's okay because the highs always will outweigh the lows :) 

So we have this "prophetess" in our ward who "receives visions" apparently the Tussians will come knocking on our doors after the whole western part of the US including half of Utah sinks into they ocean. and don't follow the Russians because they wo'nt be able to provide for you and they will make you like the Jews. Interesting people up here in Fort St. John. just enough to keep you on your toes.

Well, I'm tired of typing this email, so keep it real!
Elder Thompson

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May the fourth was yesterday

Pretty regular week this week. Not a whole lot happened except for a lot of teaching.  But we only had 31 total lessons this week. Now let's compare that too the highest I taught in my last area. it was about 14. So the work up here is great. We didn't even go tracting, and still we picked up 4 new investigators. So we are really excited and we try to go finding whenever we have the time. But that's how it should be. We should be spending our time teaching and the members should be giving us people to teach. Because every member is a missionary right??? :) 

So there was really not a whole lot that went on. But next week should be great as well! We have our zone training meeting so we will see what that brings. I was able to finish the Old Testament this week. Samson is a freaking beast. He is literally the definition of all muscle, no brain. It amazes me that he could be deceived so many times, but it really could happen to any of us. We always have to be on the lookout, especially in today's society. But my favorite part is when the Phillistines burn his wife and her father. So he gets super upset, and you know no big deal, only slays a thousand Phillistines with just he jaw bone of an all. Like that is really incredible. That shows me, that when you have God on your side, and you are connected to his strength, there is nothing worldly that can defeat you. When you have a firm foundation in Christ, there is literally nothing that will bring us down. We have been promised that no matter what happens on earth, we are the victors in heaven.

Well, I'm done.
Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Better Watch It, We Don't Lose

This week was a good week, when all is said and done. We were able to teach a lot of people, so that is always good. It feels good to have to spirit work through you and reach the investigator. We are teaching this elderly couple in Hudsons Hope and they are progressing super super quick. They have been really receptive to all of the information, and it's like a light goes off in their head. The reason it makes sense to them is because it's true... simple as that.

We also had a big time bash with some guys. We didn't seek this one out, so you will have to let me explain. We were tracting and a guy let us in. He was super nice and explained that he lived with like 6 guys and he said they were all Christian "missionaries." so I was like whatever and we started talking about prophets. he asked some good questions and we answered. Then one of his buddies came home and joined the conversation. He too was very nice and willing to listen. And then another one came in and was nice. then a guy came in and we just knew the were about to start bashing. It got real. They were trinitarians so they were throwing out scriptures left and right. We combated that with who was Jesus praying to? They said and I quote "the father".......hmmmm ok so how does that work? Oh we don't know everything about God. Okay so how did Stephen see him standing on the right hand of God. We told them the Joseph Smith story and they shut right up about it. They side stepped that question and went after the Book Of Mormon. We explained and they tried the Revelations scripture. We threw down against that and then some left, so things calmed down and we were able to testify, and get out. All I have to say is we aren't going to seek it out, but when people join forces to try and bring us down, we aren't going to back down. And we won't lose. But it was good, we got the return appointment with the nice ones and they are now investigating :)

We also met with a lady who is just in a rough position. Her husband left her with a couple of kids, no car, and the mortgage. She makes as much as the mortgage is per month and he isn't even paying for child care. But she has amazing faith. She isn't a member of our church but she still wanted to meet with us and she just showed great faith. She told us a story about forgiveness. We really need to forgive all the time, because if we don't, it will all bottle up inside and it will blow. So we need to be careful and always be mindful of others.

In Preach My Gospel this week I came across President Hinckley's 3 things a member needs to be active and I couldn't agree more. 1. a member friend. they will support them and strengthen them in their times of weakness. 2. a calling. this gives the responsibility and they will want to do it. 3. The good word of god. and really, who doesn't need the good word of God? It will always uphold and strengthen us as we read and study the word of God. 

In other news this week, I worked out like twice. so needless to say, I'm getting jacked! haha jk but I am starting to do something every morning so that's good. 

And quote of the week is about baseball, sorry. A member and I were talking about the difference between baseball and fast pitch and how it is really fast. I didnt believe him and he said "No you dont understand, it comes in at about 60 mph." I said " you're kidding right? That's like little league bro." and then he tried to argue his point more, but i just thought it was funny. Okay that's enough.

Keep it real,
Elder Thompson