Sunday, May 11, 2014

May the fourth was yesterday

Pretty regular week this week. Not a whole lot happened except for a lot of teaching.  But we only had 31 total lessons this week. Now let's compare that too the highest I taught in my last area. it was about 14. So the work up here is great. We didn't even go tracting, and still we picked up 4 new investigators. So we are really excited and we try to go finding whenever we have the time. But that's how it should be. We should be spending our time teaching and the members should be giving us people to teach. Because every member is a missionary right??? :) 

So there was really not a whole lot that went on. But next week should be great as well! We have our zone training meeting so we will see what that brings. I was able to finish the Old Testament this week. Samson is a freaking beast. He is literally the definition of all muscle, no brain. It amazes me that he could be deceived so many times, but it really could happen to any of us. We always have to be on the lookout, especially in today's society. But my favorite part is when the Phillistines burn his wife and her father. So he gets super upset, and you know no big deal, only slays a thousand Phillistines with just he jaw bone of an all. Like that is really incredible. That shows me, that when you have God on your side, and you are connected to his strength, there is nothing worldly that can defeat you. When you have a firm foundation in Christ, there is literally nothing that will bring us down. We have been promised that no matter what happens on earth, we are the victors in heaven.

Well, I'm done.
Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

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