Monday, July 28, 2014

Better Watch My Step

Well this week wasn't the best week that we have had, but that's okay. You have to have a couple of these weeks to make the good weeks even better. There was A LOT of cancelling that happened this week. I'd say that on average we had all but 1-2 appointments cancel just about everyday. But it was still good, and it could have been worse, but we were still able to have fun!
One of the topics I'm studying this week is Humility, because its a super important attribute to have mastered. As I thought about it, a couple of stories came to my mind. In regards to Humility, one of the best examples is Sam, the older brother to Nephi. He was told that Nephi was foreordained to be a ruler over him and the rest of his brethren. This is a great example to me because I could understand how that would be hard to hear. On the flip side, there is a great example of pride. Korihor was an Anti Christ who told Alma that he didn't believe or know so Alma couldn't know either. And because of his selfishness, he demanded a sign in order to believe. So he got it and was struck dumb for the rest of his life. So, Alma 30:60 will serve as scripture of the week.
Quote of the week comes from another door approach. We knocked and then someone yelled, "Who Goes There!?" Oh and I should add it was the voice of a 14 year old girl with her friend who laughed hysterically  when they answered the door. That was just another fun door approach :)
So you better watch your step, or the teenage girls will get ya!
Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm not Here!!!

Well this was a real interesting week to sum it up. It ranged from staying in because of my comp having a migraine to putting people on date to correcting anti mormon stuff that a member ran into. oh it also rained all week, so that was actually a really nice break and helped with all the fires here.
One of the things that stuck out this week was i noticed how different of a feeling it is when the person you are working with is doing well vs. not so well. The Less Active that we are working with is doing really well this week and it is really a great feeling. When they are feeling good and doing well, you feel good and continue to do well. thats one of the areas of missionary work that i actually find hard because you are working with lots of people so there are times where all of them arent doing so well. and that kinda really sucks. But its a much better feeling when they are doing well.
Ive got a twist for scripture of the week. This week it is "Remember Lots Wife" a talk by Elder Holland that i would encourage everyone to read, or listen to, whatever floats your boat. I also do have a scripture from proverbs. it is Proverbs 21:19 and i just thought it was really funny and true. so have at er.
Quote of the week comes from a conversation(if you can call it that) that we had with a guy who invited us back to meet with him. we knocked and the door opened about 2 inches and he said "hello?" i said "hey hows it goin?" he then said "Im not here!"..."Wait, What?" "Im not interested!" slammed door. Haha it was really funny
Well, have a good one. keep it real,
haha so the ysa played rootbeer pong for the incoming guys bday party. just good mormon fun

It's Not Even That Hot!!

So, it was really hot this week (for canada). it was in the 90s. now before you say, oh thats not that hot, just think about this: after going through a winter (-40) to summer (90) it seems a lot hotter. thats a 130 degree difference incase you couldnt do the math. And on top of that, no body here has airconditioning. like come on people, you arent poor like the 3rd world countries, help us out a little! haha but it isnt too bad. it just kinda sucks we have to wear pants all day.But, i am definitely thankful im not in argentina like Zack, or mexico like Quinn.

One great aspect of a mission is all the different people you get to meet. this week we met chuck norris, basically. he got ran over by a 18 wheeler, survived, lost his memory, got the accident blamed on him and placed in prison, then went to work and beat up everyone there including the leader of hells angels. so i guess you could say things got pretty serious. But now he is a member of the church! Super cool guy!
On the other hand, you get a golden investigator that doesnt want to be baptized, well at least right now. We went in and i was super bold with him, could not be more bold, but he just doesnt feel it right now. and that is understandable. Everybody takes there own time, no matter how golden they are. Its just super frustrating haha. So that was a big humbling experience.
Scripture of the week is D&C 11:21. it talks about obtaining word, and then speaking. i definitely have a big testimony of that.
Quote of the Week comes from Sai, our golden inv. who i was super bold with about the importance of baptism. during church the next day, our lesson in elders quorum was on baptism. as soon as that was anounced, he said laughing"oh come on!" in a  asian,english accent. haha good times!
Well, keep it real,
Elder Thompson
Because you always go to Wendys in the Fort

OOOO Canada

Had a great Canada day! We were told to go to all the parades and stuff so that was a lot of fun. During the parade we were walking down the side walk trying to find people we knew and more people looked at us than the parade!  It was pretty funny. And honestly, Canadian fireworks are pretty pathetic. The firework show lasted oh maybe 3 minutes.

The next day I started with my new comp. I definitely miss my last companion that's for sure. Not only did we get along great but we taught lessons really well together. But we need to work on teaching in unity. that's how we are going to be the most successful this transfer because as much as I love talking, I really dont feel like doing the entire lesson by myself. But he is a great missionary and I'm sure I will learn something from him. He is from California so that is a plus and counts for something. So I still haven't gotten a comp from Utah!!! Hopefully we can keep the streak going.

this week we met with one of our inv. and invited him to be baptized. he said the thing that was holding him back was a bad example of a member who was deemed worthy to enter the temple. So that is extremely frustrating! So just remember that as you go about your daily life, everyone is watching you. Be a good example and be someone who others want to follow.

Scripture of the week is Mosiah 9:17-18 which is all about putting your trust in the Lord. When we do that he has promised us that he will deliver us.

In other news a drunk high muslim tried to bash with us, well me this week. So that was an interesting experience. and just so you know, I didnt bash back. I figure if he wants to bash, it's only fair if he's sober. I also wanted to wish a happy birthday to my sister Kati!

Quote of the week comes from a YSA "hey, its the fourth of July in America" and then another respnded "cool! it is here too!"

Missionary work is amazing and brings so many blessings into the lives of all who participate.
Keep it real,
Elder Thompson
They even sang us the star spangled banner

Summer is Great, Until Everyone Leaves

Our investigator Mireille who was super close to baptism moved to vancouver... so hopefully she gets dunked there!

Well transfer calls were today. Elder Merkley is getting transferred out of here and i am getting Elder Cassell. So that kinda sucks, but we were together for 3 months, so we were expecting it. So now i will have to adjust to another quiet missionary. Should be a fun transfer, even though everyone is gone! Summer is great, but then everyone leaves on vacation and it gets really slow. So that kinda sucks. Plus we should be getting 2 more missionaries up here next transfer so who knows what will happen.

Im happy that i get to stay though because it is really fun teaching Sai, our chinese investigator. He does everything we ask him too and learns super quick! So this transfers goal is to get him baptized! So we will see what happens. He doesnt have a job yet so he just wants to hang out with us all the time. So i guess thats not a bad thing haha.

Scripture of the week is D&C 98:23-26,41-45 which is all about forgiveness. As long as we keep forgiving those who afflict us or whatever, our blessing will just keep increasing. If they keep wronging us, the Lord has promised that he will avenge us. So i thought that was super cool, so if your looking for something to read this week, read that! if you want more, read the whole section.

In other news, we learned how to do siding this week, so that was cool. We also sang karaoke for the ysa activity this week which was super fun. We put together a Canadian Idol folder haha, it was great. And i am still on a soda diet. i almost broke last night and drank DP at the members house. But i didnt so that was a close call. Im not sure why im putting myself through this kind of torment, but i guess i have a glimpse of what it is like for investigators to give up coffee.

Quote of the week comes from Elder Merkley for perhaps the last time. "I hate it when the most attractive person in the car is the dog." haha that basically explains most of Fort St. John.

Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

We learned how to draw Kobe and Kevin Durant the other day. Pretty sweet if you ask me

Messin with dogs

Just One of those Weeks

Not a whole lot happened this week that was too crazy. We did a lot of service so thats always fun. I realized that when i come home i will probably die because its only 70-80 degrees and it feels super hot! But just to make this letter a little longer than its gonna be, ill add a scripture since we did service this week. Mosiah2:17  And behold, tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom;that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellowbeings ye are only in the service of your God. 
So yeah, thats a good scripture that explains why service is awesome! Being a missionary is a lot of fun! You just have to be yourself and be likable and the members will like ya back. its pretty simple haha.

In my studies this week, i read a lot in D&C and it was awesome! There is a lot of great stuff in there. My favorites this week was when it talked about how when the Elders were speaking by the spirit, it is scripture. Thats why General Conference needs to be studied lots, because thats a lot of scripture that is going to benefit us!! I also read about how there was doubt about the validity of the revelations that were being received and God was just like, i challenge the smartest among you to come even close to the least of these revelations. So that was pretty cool. It reminded me of Elijah and the priests of Baal when they were seeing whose god was real. Elijah told them they could go first and try to light a bunch of sticks on fire so they did their thing and nothing happened so Elijah started taunting them telling them to yell louder because their god might be sleeping. That didnt work, so Elijah told them to pour a bunch of buckets of water on the sticks (it was his turn now) and when he prayed there was an explosion of fire that consumed some of the priests. Others committed suicide and the rest were killed. Thats the other thing i find funny is when people say the BOM is too violent, like come on, its all throughout the scriptures. 

Haha sorry, went on a tangent there, but that story is awesome. But, in other news, i am now on a no soda diet. I just wanted to see if i could do it, and i have officially gone without soda for 8 days. So im pretty impressed with myself.

Quote of the Week is "Dont let me get in your head Colby...just dont choke" haha we went bowling with the ysa and this guy is always trying to impress the girls so its fun to mess with him. 

Keep it real
Elder Thompson

Saw a double rainbow this week, so i guess you could say the rain got pretty serious this week.

So i guess it was the longest day yesterday??? But this is what night looks like

So Swoll!

so i got some kinda bug bite this week and my hand decided it wanted to swell up during our zone conference in Grande Prarie. But zone conference was still good, plus we got to go into GP so that was nice. We learned alot and our mission president really emphasized that we needed to improve our teaching.

The things you see in Canada

My swollen hand!

But this week was really great missionary wise. We had a little extra time on Wednesday so we decided to go finding. We drove around feeling out where we wanted to tract and we drove past a group of like town houses or something like unto it and i had a feeling that would be a good place. but we drove around a little more and didnt really feel great about anything else so we went back to that place and started tracting. only 2 doors answered... but they were both great! The first one told us to come back so the whole family could be home and the very last door we knocked, a guy let us in and we had a great discussion. Learning to listen to the spirit super close isnt all that easy, but i am learning line upon line how to do it and i just get more and more excited each time i improve. We also had a lesson with a guy named Sai, who is living with members and is from China. After we taught him the first lesson, we invited him to pray and read and he said (this will serve as quote of the week) "oh no worries you guys ill read and everything, but i already believe in the BOM and prophets." and you have to say it with a chinese accent to get the full experience. But that was awesome! People truly are prepared to hear the gospel and that was a good testimony builder to me.

In other news, this week along with Zone conference we had interviews with the mission president which went really well. We will have to see what happens with the upcoming transfers that are coming up in 2 weeks. Hopefully nothing crazy happens because i like the way things are right now, but just because of that, things will probably get shaken up. I also met a missionary in my Zone that used to live in Yucaipa... so that was weird... but he only lived there from ages 0-3. Their family is good friends with the Harris' so thats cool. President Manion also told me that he went to Yucaipa once. that was weird too...

Keep it real,

Elder Thompson

We made these with a YSA in the ward. This is the excitement of pdays up here...#AirMormon #MormonGirls #WeBeDunkin-EST.1830