Monday, July 28, 2014

Better Watch My Step

Well this week wasn't the best week that we have had, but that's okay. You have to have a couple of these weeks to make the good weeks even better. There was A LOT of cancelling that happened this week. I'd say that on average we had all but 1-2 appointments cancel just about everyday. But it was still good, and it could have been worse, but we were still able to have fun!
One of the topics I'm studying this week is Humility, because its a super important attribute to have mastered. As I thought about it, a couple of stories came to my mind. In regards to Humility, one of the best examples is Sam, the older brother to Nephi. He was told that Nephi was foreordained to be a ruler over him and the rest of his brethren. This is a great example to me because I could understand how that would be hard to hear. On the flip side, there is a great example of pride. Korihor was an Anti Christ who told Alma that he didn't believe or know so Alma couldn't know either. And because of his selfishness, he demanded a sign in order to believe. So he got it and was struck dumb for the rest of his life. So, Alma 30:60 will serve as scripture of the week.
Quote of the week comes from another door approach. We knocked and then someone yelled, "Who Goes There!?" Oh and I should add it was the voice of a 14 year old girl with her friend who laughed hysterically  when they answered the door. That was just another fun door approach :)
So you better watch your step, or the teenage girls will get ya!
Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

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