Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm not Here!!!

Well this was a real interesting week to sum it up. It ranged from staying in because of my comp having a migraine to putting people on date to correcting anti mormon stuff that a member ran into. oh it also rained all week, so that was actually a really nice break and helped with all the fires here.
One of the things that stuck out this week was i noticed how different of a feeling it is when the person you are working with is doing well vs. not so well. The Less Active that we are working with is doing really well this week and it is really a great feeling. When they are feeling good and doing well, you feel good and continue to do well. thats one of the areas of missionary work that i actually find hard because you are working with lots of people so there are times where all of them arent doing so well. and that kinda really sucks. But its a much better feeling when they are doing well.
Ive got a twist for scripture of the week. This week it is "Remember Lots Wife" a talk by Elder Holland that i would encourage everyone to read, or listen to, whatever floats your boat. I also do have a scripture from proverbs. it is Proverbs 21:19 and i just thought it was really funny and true. so have at er.
Quote of the week comes from a conversation(if you can call it that) that we had with a guy who invited us back to meet with him. we knocked and the door opened about 2 inches and he said "hello?" i said "hey hows it goin?" he then said "Im not here!"..."Wait, What?" "Im not interested!" slammed door. Haha it was really funny
Well, have a good one. keep it real,
haha so the ysa played rootbeer pong for the incoming guys bday party. just good mormon fun

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