Monday, July 21, 2014

OOOO Canada

Had a great Canada day! We were told to go to all the parades and stuff so that was a lot of fun. During the parade we were walking down the side walk trying to find people we knew and more people looked at us than the parade!  It was pretty funny. And honestly, Canadian fireworks are pretty pathetic. The firework show lasted oh maybe 3 minutes.

The next day I started with my new comp. I definitely miss my last companion that's for sure. Not only did we get along great but we taught lessons really well together. But we need to work on teaching in unity. that's how we are going to be the most successful this transfer because as much as I love talking, I really dont feel like doing the entire lesson by myself. But he is a great missionary and I'm sure I will learn something from him. He is from California so that is a plus and counts for something. So I still haven't gotten a comp from Utah!!! Hopefully we can keep the streak going.

this week we met with one of our inv. and invited him to be baptized. he said the thing that was holding him back was a bad example of a member who was deemed worthy to enter the temple. So that is extremely frustrating! So just remember that as you go about your daily life, everyone is watching you. Be a good example and be someone who others want to follow.

Scripture of the week is Mosiah 9:17-18 which is all about putting your trust in the Lord. When we do that he has promised us that he will deliver us.

In other news a drunk high muslim tried to bash with us, well me this week. So that was an interesting experience. and just so you know, I didnt bash back. I figure if he wants to bash, it's only fair if he's sober. I also wanted to wish a happy birthday to my sister Kati!

Quote of the week comes from a YSA "hey, its the fourth of July in America" and then another respnded "cool! it is here too!"

Missionary work is amazing and brings so many blessings into the lives of all who participate.
Keep it real,
Elder Thompson
They even sang us the star spangled banner

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