Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer is Great, Until Everyone Leaves

Our investigator Mireille who was super close to baptism moved to vancouver... so hopefully she gets dunked there!

Well transfer calls were today. Elder Merkley is getting transferred out of here and i am getting Elder Cassell. So that kinda sucks, but we were together for 3 months, so we were expecting it. So now i will have to adjust to another quiet missionary. Should be a fun transfer, even though everyone is gone! Summer is great, but then everyone leaves on vacation and it gets really slow. So that kinda sucks. Plus we should be getting 2 more missionaries up here next transfer so who knows what will happen.

Im happy that i get to stay though because it is really fun teaching Sai, our chinese investigator. He does everything we ask him too and learns super quick! So this transfers goal is to get him baptized! So we will see what happens. He doesnt have a job yet so he just wants to hang out with us all the time. So i guess thats not a bad thing haha.

Scripture of the week is D&C 98:23-26,41-45 which is all about forgiveness. As long as we keep forgiving those who afflict us or whatever, our blessing will just keep increasing. If they keep wronging us, the Lord has promised that he will avenge us. So i thought that was super cool, so if your looking for something to read this week, read that! if you want more, read the whole section.

In other news, we learned how to do siding this week, so that was cool. We also sang karaoke for the ysa activity this week which was super fun. We put together a Canadian Idol folder haha, it was great. And i am still on a soda diet. i almost broke last night and drank DP at the members house. But i didnt so that was a close call. Im not sure why im putting myself through this kind of torment, but i guess i have a glimpse of what it is like for investigators to give up coffee.

Quote of the week comes from Elder Merkley for perhaps the last time. "I hate it when the most attractive person in the car is the dog." haha that basically explains most of Fort St. John.

Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

We learned how to draw Kobe and Kevin Durant the other day. Pretty sweet if you ask me

Messin with dogs

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