Monday, July 21, 2014

So Swoll!

so i got some kinda bug bite this week and my hand decided it wanted to swell up during our zone conference in Grande Prarie. But zone conference was still good, plus we got to go into GP so that was nice. We learned alot and our mission president really emphasized that we needed to improve our teaching.

The things you see in Canada

My swollen hand!

But this week was really great missionary wise. We had a little extra time on Wednesday so we decided to go finding. We drove around feeling out where we wanted to tract and we drove past a group of like town houses or something like unto it and i had a feeling that would be a good place. but we drove around a little more and didnt really feel great about anything else so we went back to that place and started tracting. only 2 doors answered... but they were both great! The first one told us to come back so the whole family could be home and the very last door we knocked, a guy let us in and we had a great discussion. Learning to listen to the spirit super close isnt all that easy, but i am learning line upon line how to do it and i just get more and more excited each time i improve. We also had a lesson with a guy named Sai, who is living with members and is from China. After we taught him the first lesson, we invited him to pray and read and he said (this will serve as quote of the week) "oh no worries you guys ill read and everything, but i already believe in the BOM and prophets." and you have to say it with a chinese accent to get the full experience. But that was awesome! People truly are prepared to hear the gospel and that was a good testimony builder to me.

In other news, this week along with Zone conference we had interviews with the mission president which went really well. We will have to see what happens with the upcoming transfers that are coming up in 2 weeks. Hopefully nothing crazy happens because i like the way things are right now, but just because of that, things will probably get shaken up. I also met a missionary in my Zone that used to live in Yucaipa... so that was weird... but he only lived there from ages 0-3. Their family is good friends with the Harris' so thats cool. President Manion also told me that he went to Yucaipa once. that was weird too...

Keep it real,

Elder Thompson

We made these with a YSA in the ward. This is the excitement of pdays up here...#AirMormon #MormonGirls #WeBeDunkin-EST.1830

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