Monday, July 21, 2014

It's Not Even That Hot!!

So, it was really hot this week (for canada). it was in the 90s. now before you say, oh thats not that hot, just think about this: after going through a winter (-40) to summer (90) it seems a lot hotter. thats a 130 degree difference incase you couldnt do the math. And on top of that, no body here has airconditioning. like come on people, you arent poor like the 3rd world countries, help us out a little! haha but it isnt too bad. it just kinda sucks we have to wear pants all day.But, i am definitely thankful im not in argentina like Zack, or mexico like Quinn.

One great aspect of a mission is all the different people you get to meet. this week we met chuck norris, basically. he got ran over by a 18 wheeler, survived, lost his memory, got the accident blamed on him and placed in prison, then went to work and beat up everyone there including the leader of hells angels. so i guess you could say things got pretty serious. But now he is a member of the church! Super cool guy!
On the other hand, you get a golden investigator that doesnt want to be baptized, well at least right now. We went in and i was super bold with him, could not be more bold, but he just doesnt feel it right now. and that is understandable. Everybody takes there own time, no matter how golden they are. Its just super frustrating haha. So that was a big humbling experience.
Scripture of the week is D&C 11:21. it talks about obtaining word, and then speaking. i definitely have a big testimony of that.
Quote of the Week comes from Sai, our golden inv. who i was super bold with about the importance of baptism. during church the next day, our lesson in elders quorum was on baptism. as soon as that was anounced, he said laughing"oh come on!" in a  asian,english accent. haha good times!
Well, keep it real,
Elder Thompson
Because you always go to Wendys in the Fort

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