Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just an Interesting Week

Well, we had the opportunity to clean really really really dirty house and eat dinner with a pregnant women just puking in a bucket right next to the table all in the same day! so that was lovely :) But good news is, that was the worst day, if you want to call it that.

We had some weird experiences and we had some great experiences this week. We were coming home and this lady yells at us and asks if we were mormons. so she walks over when we answer yes and asks us about our beliefs and then asks us to pray with her. so she prays and then asks us too. So Elder Cassell starts and then she cuts him off mid prayer and says she has to go. haha she was just off her nut. It was really weird.

We also got to teach a guy who has been living common law for years the law of chastity. Common law is if you have been living together for a certain amount of time, the government considers you married but it doesn't include papers or anything like that. so we taught him and he said he would live it! He still has to talk to his girlfriend, but he want to live it and said he would. That showed some great faith and I am thankful I got to experience that. We also have been working with a less active who needs to repent and we told him that, but he told us last week that he couldnt go see the bishop for "reasons" so I was really frustrated and we just left him with a scripture. but I felt that wasnt good enough so when we visited him yesterday I was super bold with him and his heart had been softened and now he is going to come back. Just shows that as we leave these things in the Lord's hands, and act as his instrument we can accomplish great things.

Scripture of the week isn't anything specific, but I just finished the gospels again so if you haven't read them in awhile, go for it. The way I did it was I read them all at the same time. Someone said you learn more that way and I am now a believer in that way.

Quote of the Week comes from our investigator Sai. we pulled up and he was holding a Starbucks cup(which we didnt even see at first) and before we even made eye contact, he said "Oh don't worry, I'm not breaking commandments!" haha it was great. I guess he had a gift card so he just bought the cup (the clear plastic ones) so all is well with him.

I didnt take any pictures this week, but my comp did! and if it counts for anything, I had a dream that I met Taylor Swift and we had a great conversation and took a picture with her. You have no idea how disappointed I was when I woke up...

Pondering the Book of Mormon

Keep it real!
Elder Thompson

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