Saturday, August 23, 2014

We Be Dunkin June 10

This week was a really good week! Our investigator Tracy got baptized! it was awesome! We also had a barbecue at the lake, where we picked up a new investigator and we played basketball with Lots of non members. I also confirmed the fact that I absolutely hate bugs with a passion, especially when they are biting and sucking blood and all that stuff.

But the Baptism was definitely the highlight of the week! It was a really great service and lots of members came in support, I was really impressed! It was the first adult baptism in about 3 years, so the ward is pretty excited. Elder Merkley baptized her and then I got to confirm her a member of the church on the following Sunday. It was really cool and a great experience. The spirit was really strong and bore witness to all those who attended that this truly is the true church.

One thing that a mission allows people, is the ability to develop great friendships with the people you serve, and that is something that I am grateful for. I also studied up on blessings this week and watched the Mormon message "Good Things to Come" by Jeffrey R Holland. I was able to share that message with one of the ysa and it was great. Some blessings come immediately, others require patience, fasting and prayer, and some may not come until after this life, but they do come. (Thats one of my favorite mormon messages by the way if you wnat to watch it, I'd say go for it!) 

In other news, this week I finished off toothpaste AND deodorant. crazy week eh? We also became master puzzle makers this week, so no big deal.

quote of the week comes from a member "I am always looking for a good deal. I'm a Jew." haha we were just like wait, what? crazy old men these days.

Keep it real
Elder Thompson

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