Sunday, August 31, 2014

What the ...

Well this week was somethin else. just wait, it gets really good.
We did a lot of service this week. and I realized that I have a completely different attitude towards it than i did before I came out. and i like that. I hope I can keep that for after the mission, where I don't feel preoccupied to go and help somebody out.
We had a really cool experience this week. We went tracting in the rain and people were actually a lot friendlier than they usually are! Plus i had one of the coolest door approaches ever in the history of door approaches. i knocked, and just as the lady opened the door there was lightning and loud thunder. It was sweet!
The other experience this week will give me nightmares for the remainder of my life. We were at a restaurant for a ysa activity and we were waiting outside for some people, so we decided to sit on a bench. we later would find out it is a smoking bench. so these 2 drunk hookers come out of the bar section and asked us to scoot over so they could sit and smoke so we did. (hind sight, we should have gotten up and left) so she sits on my leg and slides off and asks us if we were going to church. so we explained why we were dressed the way we were and then she said "can you save my soul?" and a bunch of other stuff that doesnt need to be repeated herein. then she says "you have the most beautiful green eyes" (i dont have green eyes...) and then again she asks me to save her soul. then she says "I bet I can save you" I kid you not I thought I was going to get rape kissed or something of the sort. probably one of the worst expperiences of the mission so far... but at least we can laugh about it now. oh and I

should mention the whole time my comp was hunched over looking the other way not at any time jumping in to help me out. so yeah that was fun. definitely a good journal entry.
I decided with one of our investigators this week that we are going to read the BOM before i leave this area. so we did the math and figured out that we need to read 20 pages a day to finish it from where he is at. so it should be good. I am looking forward to it.
Scripture of the week is Jacob 1:19
Keep it real, and dont get rape kissed or anything of the sort :)
Elder Thompson

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