Saturday, August 23, 2014

Competing to work the Hardest

Well this week was a really good week. nothing crazy happened, relatively speaking, but it felt good this week. The area got split so I am with Elder Wheeler, and Elder Cassell is with Elder Jensen. It is so much fun just working hard with everyone. We had interviews with our mission president this week, and he gave me permission to compete with the other companionship to see who can work the hardest (he also told the 3 others) so I will win... But I love it. It is constantly driving me to work hard and harder than them. and it helps that they are hard working too, so I can work even harder and be even more diligent. There is a great scripture that is also the scripture of the week which is 2 Nephi 25:23. It talks a lot about diligence and motivates to be diligent.
Like I said, my companion is Elder Wheeler. He is a great missionary! We work really hard and have a great time doing it! Plus he is going to BYU, the BYU, and he is from Idaho so he obviously knows what he is doing! He isn't somebody I would have expected to get along so well with before the mish, but we get along great and laugh alot! He is into ballroom dance and choir, not exactly something I will ever convert to, ever, but everybody is different. We are going to have a great transfer! President Manion basically told me that I was getting transferred in 5 weeks so that kinda sucks, but we will see.
Quote of the week comes from a living president, President Manion,  as well as a not so mortally living president, President Joseph Fielding Smith.

so, During transfer calls, he told Elder Wheeler I was his next comp and the he said "so he will show you around for 6 weeks and then we will get his dead carcass out of there!" haha President Manion is so funny!
And from Joseph Fielding Smith, "where the spirit exists, disharmony, disobedience, and neglect of sacred duties will not, cannot succeed." a good thought to think about this week!
Keep it real,

Elder Thompson

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