Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 48: Kinda Crazy Week

Nothing special really happened this week except we ran into a couple of really interesting people and had some funny experiences.

First off. We met Lincoln. Crazy guy who is agnostic in belief and has spent the last year just studying up on islam. Needless to say he doesn't have the nicest opinion in regards to muslims... we spent about 45 minutes at his door step as we were tracting, having a conversation with this guy. Literally every single thing we talked about he related it back to something he didn't like about Islam. He just wants to be American so he could have the freedom of speech. When he told us his name he said "Lincoln, good American name!" Haha it was funny. But just like he did it, everything can also be related to the gospel. Litterally anything to any principle. if you don't believe me, try it!

In that same complex a couple of days later we were tracting the rest of it out. We knocked on this door and this lady opened and before we  even said anything she yelled at us for proselyting every hour of the day and then just closed the door. And then a couple of days later, again we were tracting and we had parked the car on the other side of the street. this old guy tells us to turn around and go "bye bye" and then he told us we were terrorists because of where we parked the car... gotta love Canada eh??

But the highlight of the week came yesterday when we got to help out in sharing time in Primary. The lady teaching was talking about who we would see in heaven. It went from parents to friends to missionaries and then this one kid pipes up ( keep in mind the kids saying this are about 6 and younger) "Do Video Game Characters go to Heaven?" Then he and this other 6 year old in the room in unison yell "No!!! Video Game Characters hate Jesus!" Primary is the best haha. There were lots of funny quotes but this one made all 4 of us missionaries laugh the hardest.
So that would be quote of the week.

Scripture of the week which has helped me a lot comes from Alma 20:29; 21:14-15,17 which talks about patience. so read it!

Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

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