Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 49... It's Back

You will understand the email title when you see the picture attached at the end.
Well this week was a lot of fun! We have been working hard and teaching and finding lots, so of course there were some really weird people and crazy cool experiences.
For example, when you walk into a room to teach a less active member and one of your more promising investigators, and a wall of smoke and alcoholic beverage hit you and your head starts hurting, you know you're in for an interesting lesson. or when you go and help out a convert of 3 years on his ranch and he tells you of his life experiences, you gain memories you never forget. Quote of the week come from Brother Hunt, who is the convert of 3 years. in regards to his life and what he has done, he said "I make rambo look like a choir boy!"
The coolest experience this week was when we went tracting. We tracted into 3 evangelical guys and some bashing or "resolving concerns" as we are supposed to call it commenced. This experience reinforced my testimony of the importance of the Book of Mormon, because you can throw scriptures back and forth, but ultimately our church's truthfulness rests upon the Book of Mormon. So after quite awhile, i was able to bear my testimony about why I was on a mission in freezing Canada, coming from sunny california and about how I knew the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. it was really cool to see one of the older guys go from bashy to smiling and complimenting us as well as respecting us. It was an awesome experience that I won'
t forget.
Scriptures of the week are (scripture mastery/mainstream) Helaman 5:12, 6:5.

Elder Thompson
Elder Wheeler boozin' it with milk

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