Monday, May 26, 2014

We Be Ballin'

This week was filled with a ton of service again, which isn't a bad thing, except it took us away from teaching. But it is still good to do service and to help out all those in need. We helped a Less Active lady paint her house this week and we worked hard! It was really cool to see her warm up to us as we worked. You could just see the trust starting to build so hopefully we can get her back to church.

This week I thought a lot about following impressions. There was even a talk in Sacrament on it! And the talk was really good. She gave examples about when she did and didn't follow them. and this week I had a good experience with that! A member invited a friend over to their home for dinner and asked us to stop by as if we were just checking up on the family. so we did that and they invited us in to share a message with them. As  I introduced the thought, we originally planned on the first 2 principles of lesson 1 but  I felt strongly that that wasn't what should be brought up. so I started thinking and service came into my mind so I went with it. After wards the member called and said that went perfectly and the message was exactly the type he wanted. So that was really cool.

We got stuck in our Chevy Trax this week. It was bound to happen and it finally did. We took a wrong turn, made it pretty far, tried to come back and at the last possible opportunity, we got stuck... so that was fun waiting for half the day to get pulled out. So, what did I learn from that? I thought of how a lot of times we make mistakes and take a wrong path that isn't of the path of righteousness. We go a ways and we try to come back. Sometimes we can do it but other times we get stuck and we can't get out without the help of loving friends/family and our leaders. But when we do get out, we know not to make the same mistake again and we are happy we are back on the right road.

In other news, we should be having a baptism in about a week and a half! It seems like she is finally going to go throught with it! My comp is baptizing her, and then I am confirming her. and honestly, I am absolutely terrifed! But I know I will be fine.

Quote of the week comes from basketball this week when a guy named Mo(other wise known as Mr. NBA or Olympian because that's how seriously he takes it) rebuked me for missing 2 shots out of 10. "Come on man, if I give you the ball you gotta make your shots!" Haha we had a good laugh and then laughed even harder because he was serious. ( This is the guy who yelled at a 12 year old kid for not playing good enough defense.)

But, all is well, so have a good week and keep it real!

Elder Thompson

I didnt know Canada could produce anything that wasnt brown or white. this is just weird!

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