Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Thought I was Free

This week was a crazy Gong show! But as a result, I'm basically a professional farmer, raker, and bottle sorter, and ax wielder. We did a lot of service this week. We helped set up a 100 mile horse race, so that was fun. That's where we became farmers/cowboys. it was a lot of fun.
We also had a not so fun experience this week. Some guy called us and said he was super interested and wanted to learn so we got all his info and set up an appointment. so we went to the appointment and waited. we called the number he gave us and it was wrong, so we called the number that he called from and apparently that person doesn't exist. I hope he enjoyed himself, because it's not a big deal, it's only the Lord's time that he wasted. I'm sure he doesn't mind when that happens... But oh well, it's not in my power, so I'll drop it. 

There were some really funny things that happened this week. We went Canadian bowling, which only has 5 pins and a small ball with no holes in it. so its kinda stupid. But we beat the canadians! so no big deal, we chanted USA! as we walked out of there without looking back. We also had a great time at Walmart. and this will serve as quote of the week. So we were getting water bottles and milk and I was going to get the water and Elder Merkley was getting the milk. So this cashier was obviously new because he reached completely over the register to scan the milk AND the water. So I was like whatever I'll buy em both. (oh and he was East Indian, hence the title) so I swipe my card and the receipt prints. One of them the customer is supposed to sign. He was completely baffled at that one and finally he asked "what is this" so I told him I am supposed to sign it. So he signs it instead... and then says" now what?" so I told him I sign it and he tenderly passed it over and I signed it. again he said "now what?" and I said you keep that one. and he said "Oh, thank you dude." Haha it was a funny experience. So basically I'm also a master Walmart cashier.
But have a good week, and keep it real!
Elder Thompson

These represent 1/8 of the bottles we sorted.

The Bowling Alley

In honor of Bret's birthday

A successful mission transfer - the staff made from toilet paper rolls

It's 10:45 at night

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