Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm a Missionary Now!

Where do i even begin? Wednesday was the day we had been anticipating for a while and it finally came! It started off great when my own prayers as well as Zach's when Dallin was at the curb where we were dropped off. That made the transition much much easier. After we went through the line of missionaries and received our name tag and stuff like that, they took us to our residence that we would be staying at for the next two weeks. We dropped off the stuff and went to our new class for the first time and we met our district. I absolutely love our district even though there are some weirdos according to my standards. In our district there is Elder Silver. He is your typical cocky Utah boy from Huntsville Utah. He actually told me he would beat me at basketball and then well lets just say it didnt go to well for him. Then there is his companion Elder Duncanson. He is an Englishman from the northern part of England. He is to be an amazing missionary! He is actually one of my favorites, partly because he can play the piano which puts me off the hook! He was actually named our District leader which i have to say i saw coming for him. Then there are the Zone leaders. Elder Mccdonald is from north salt lake and is a ute fan. i know its disgusting. but he is very easy going and likes to have a good time. He actually reminds me of my cousin Jeremy. Then there is my favorite elder in our district Elder Brevard. He is amazing at taking the lead and he is very outgoing. I feel like we have created a pretty good friendship. And last but not least is my comp Elder Ponnada... He is a very interesting one. He seriously has a story for everything you are talking about. And he doesnt stop. I feel bad for him because he has had a really difficult life so far and he is getting really homesick. Sorry mom i miss you and all but im not really all that homesick. I really feel like I am starting to adjust to the missionary life. I really like Gym time because it puts me in my dominion. We dont have the most athletic bunch especially at basketball. Elder Brevard actually said I was the only hope for our district with basketball haha! But we get along pretty well. Im really starting to find things i dont like in my comp. He walks sooooo slow. same with his writing! but he was homeschooled his whole life so that explains a lot. And he has some really thick glasses! It was bugging me because i felt like he reminded me of someone. And then i figured it out. He looks exactly like the midget on Benchwarmers and talks and walks like him too. He is just the taller version. Oh and Elder Silver looks like the gay cop from Wild Hogs! 

The spirit is really strong here and it is so amazing how the Elders and sisters who have been here just one week longer seem so much more advanced than us! I was really struggling with adjusting to life here and i remember praying and asking for the strength to do so. AS soon as i said the words I just was so overcome with the spirit and warmth that i just broke down. But it is getting much easier and it really helps that p-day is saturday. Everyone keeps saying that after sunday, time flies so im looking forward to that because the days seem sooo long. I have never been more tired im my life and i didnt know days could be so long. But i am getting along here and progressing pretty well so i am pretty excited! sorry this letter is so jumpy but whatever im a missionary not a student in english class. Write me! missionaries love receiving mail! it makes the day so much better! Thank you to those who sent me dear elders especially Grandma and Grandpa for the package! hopefully i wont get fat haha! Ill try and upload pics if i have time but if not ill do it next saturday. If you do write me i guess you have to call me elder with the labeling? That has reallyy become my first name and it feels weird but whatever. I am really starting to love it here and i am especially loving felling the spirit and receiving revelation for my investigators. Ill let you all know how my investigator lessons go next week!

I love you all and i Know this church is true!

Elder Thompson

one thing i forgot was that i am senior comp this week. When our district leader Elder Duncanson interviewed me yesterday he gave me a very nice compliment. He said that i have a glow that some of the other elders didnt seem to have. That really gave a boost to my day. I had been feeling like i didnt know anything and that i didnt belong, but after that i really regained my confidence and felt much much better after. And we pray and sing sooooo freakin much! i have prayed so much and i feel like the first day here we sang more than i ever have before in my life! But its great because it really brings the spirit. And its a good thing Jim Logsdon got me that small hymn book because that really helps out considering i only know like a couple songs. I feel like im missing something else as well but i will let you know next week because my hour is up. I miss all of you like crazy! 
Elder Thompson

Elder Ponnada and Elder Thompson

Elder Thompson, Padgett, Russo

Elder Thompson's District

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