Sunday, October 5, 2014

Work Hard, Cash em in

This week was pretty interesting. it was more likely than not my 2nd to last week here in Fort St. John.
We learned how to do Family History this week so we could show it to our investigators and it was actually pretty fun! it was cool seeing how to do all the different things. i also learned that i am related by marriage to Wilford Woodruff... no big deal. haha but it was great because we are working on getting our chinese investigator to do some family history work. There is a great feeling that comes with family history work so hopefully that will help him out in a lot of ways.

We also experienced the kindest rejection either of us have ever experienced. the next house we knocked on we got cussed out and flipped off and what not haha it was a really big contrast. Just a few of the great experiences you gain from tracting! 

We had mission conference in Edmonton this week(which is why im emailing today) with Elder Martino of the Quorum of the 70. it was really good and we got some great new ideas that we are excited to try out. My favorite quote though came as he directed his remarks to the elders. "Sisters, i cant say this is the same with you, so dont listen. But Elders, if you are a hard working missionary, you can marry above yourself. If not, well... just wait and see." haha it was great. We have to work hard, and then after being released, we get to cash in the hot wife points. that was pretty much the funniest part of the week.

I came across a couple of great scriptures this week for Dilligence. They are in Acts 5:29-32, 41-42. They go along great with the Bible Video "The Martyrdom of Stephen"

Well, Have a great week! 
Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

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