Saturday, November 16, 2013

Is the white stuff sand? November 4

So this week we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and I had my first tracting experience! So we went to the door, I knocked and a lady opened the door with
"Hey! How's it going?"
"Great.  Well,  we are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."
She looks at the door bell. "What the doorbell doesn't work?"
"Well I guess I could have rang it but ..."
"Yeah you could have. We're not interested."
So there you have it, I was denied because I didn't ring the doorbell ;) Once you get denied you see that there really is nothing to worry about haha.
Later that night we went to a less active house where a 9 year old was date to be baptized. The only thing left was to teach her the law of chastity... haha so that was awkward. But there is a saying here. toast. Thrive on awkward situations today. So it was rather awkward but we got through it.  Then they fed us nachos! The next day after our studies we were trying to decide on lunch. Then we got a text sayng that allotment was in. Allotment is the money the church puts on our church issued debit card. So I'm pretty sure everyone from the mission went out to lunch haha. That night after tracting and what not, we tried to catch a bus back to our place. It wasnt supposed to come for another 2 minutes so my comp left for like 30 seconds. When he was done the bus had already come and gone...It reminded me of the spongebob episode where he keeps missing the bus because of things like that haha. once i brought that up, we were laughing for awhile. But we got a ride from the YSA missionaries so it was all good.
The next day was Halloween. One of the things we were looking for was the number of skanky outfits we saw. We call those types of girls harlots of babylon haha.  So we were expecting a higher number. Sure enough in the hour that we were out, we counted 11. So now to keep things interesting we have an hc or a harlot count. That night our zone leaders got permission for a zone halloween party. The first hour comprised of me playing this kid one on one. I won obviously. then we had a competition of junior comps vs. senior comps. where we had a skills thing and a food challenge. So I did all the skills and the others did the food. Oh and I was captain. We won all because of my captaining ;)
Another thing is tracting really sucks because Jehovah Witnesses tract a lot too. So we would be going up to a door and they would either lock their doors, we could hear it lock, or they would talk to us as if we were jdubs untl we told them we weren't. 
I have only gotten homesick a couple of times. One was when we were going to members houses, We went to one where he was watching college football. Man do I miss that so much. Then that night I had the most realistic dream I have ever had where the Canadian government kicked us out, so I was home and about to watch college football and text people and I woke up. but it's not too bad anymore. The thing that sucks is tracting in the snow. Everything is covered except the face. Eventually though it just goes numb so that's a plus I guess. And I think tracting on Sundays is stupid. It is a day of rest for everyone... except the missionaries. Something that would make the week go by so much better and faster is actually having appointments and dinner appoinments. Since we have sisters in our ward, we never get fed because I guess the elder who was here before me burned his bridges... idiot. but that's been our focus is bettering our relationship with the members which seems like it is getting better once they see it's me and not him.
Not a whole lot went down this week but this next week looks like it is going to be better.
Keep it real and make good choices!
Elder Thompson

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