Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some very awkward lows were set this week - Nov. 12

So I am emailing today because Monday was Remembrance Day in Canada so the library was closed. I think I will be emailing next Tuesday as well because it is our temple p-day and the temple is close on Mondays. so the awkward lows will be somewhere near the middle of this email and you will know once you read it. So last p-day we played basketball again. I spun off one defender and then boom! Elder S and I hit heads hard! I wasn't aware that he was there and we hit hard. There was blood on the floor so I was like, "What did I do to myself now?" But to my surprise it was Elder S. We hit so hard that his chin split open and was bleeding. So I felt bad but not too bad because I know what its like splitting a chin open and because it really wasn't my fault. But I still felt bad haha. This week has been very busy with service stuff. On Tuesday we went to the church to do service. They got 1000 new chairs so we hauled all of the old ones off and into a truck and then brought the new ones in. They also replaced like all the folding tables as well... must be nice, haha jk.
That night as we were riding the bus, there was a lady that got on that you could just tell was super poor. We were at the bus station so the bus driver was taking a pit stop, so I was like sweet! free ride for her! But when the driver got on, she went up and paid. I was really surprised. It just shows that there are still good people in the world. I also found out that Elder P. went home. I knew he wasn't ready but I still feel bad for him. It also makes the possibility of us becoming comps even more likely (if he comes back out) but I've come to accept it and I say bring it on. If it does happen i have come to the conclusion that there will be no patience in regards to his shinanigans. They just won't happen. But, that compship hasnt happened yet so we will see.
Riding the bus.... is somethimes very interesting. We rode it at 3ish and that is not a good time. All the school kids are out so everyone plus all the kids ride the bus. It was freaking packed. I straight up basically spooned with a sikh guy because it was so packed (a sikh guy is an east Indian who wears the turbin hat thing. I think of Aladdin when I think of them) But not only did that happen once... no no it happened the next day as well. We went at 4 thinking it would be better. This time though instead of spooning room, there was enough room for me to get hit in the junk a bunch of times by a lady's purse. straight up awful haha.

As a missionary, I have become adapted to the stupid dorky missionary humor. If you watch the district where the missionaries try to teach German the law of chastity, it is hilarious! A couple key phrases are use throughout the mission and one is our morning alarm( although it really doesn't work too well but we will get to that later). Another is I was reading in Alma and came to ch. 60 vs 7 which is a great phrase to use if your comp is taking too long in the john. it says "Can you think to sit upon your throne in a state of thoughtless stupor while your enemies are spreading the work of death?" When I first read it I died laughing and then I realized it was just stupid missionary humor.
Because the sister missionaries have been hogging all the dinner appointments, we have eaten out a lot. They get all the dinner app because they are in Relief Society and the calender gets passed around there and they guilt their way into them feeding them. We however are like oh, we dont have a dinner tonight. Well that sucks. I don't like guilting my way into things, I think that is the cheap way to go, but whatever floats your boat I guess. So I am becoming a little worried because we tend to eat at Macshak a lot(Mcdonalds) and I am starting to enjoy it... I don't know if it is the Canadian beef or the cheap missionary budget but I'm worried that it is starting to become enjoyed by myself. And I wouldn't mind if we were working out every morning, but it is extremely hard to get up in the morning. We haven't done morning sports because the gym is getting repairs to the walls so we don't really do anything anymore. Hopefully we start up again. I am in a walking area but that only does so much. And because I am in a walking area i seem to get blisters often. for whaterever reason I get them once a week. But they aren't too bad. They are just bothersome.
So yesterday for p-day we had a couple extra hours at the church. The people move their stuff to the side so we could do stuff. so we played basketball and then dodgeball. After dodgeball or during actually, I came to the awful realization that my baseball career is over. Not that I was going to try or anything, but even if I wanted to, I couldn't. Every time I throw there is a sharp pain in my shoulder. It is so frustrating but stupid stuff like that happens. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise.
I also have a really hard time waking up on time for whatever reason. It has just started to become a problem. The alarm will go off and have no effect. so if anyone has any tips i would certainly be willing to listen!
Elder Thompson

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