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Love Being a Missionary November 25

So last week I talked about how awesome the ward is here, and how it is a pretty athletic ward. Well, apparently Bro. Harvey was the no. 1 basketball player in Alberta growing up! What a stud! But he got injured so I guess he just called it quits. And our Bishop, is flippin loaded. He not only owns a security system that is big up here, but he also owns the Edmonton Energy...and we are eating dinner at his house on American Thanksgiving so we are pretty excited! We are going to try to get tickets to a game. We found all that out from out zone leader. He served in our area in the beginning of his mission. He is a 6'6 kid from Utah who I have had many sport arguments with. He is the typical hard headed Utah Ute, Jazz fan who hates BYU and the Lakers. All the Jazz fans have a weird fantasy where they are rivals with the Lakers so I had to get it into his mind that the Jazz were just a small little fly that the Lakers have to swat away from time to time. and as for the Utes, I just ask him how many national titles they have in football. That usually shuts him up.

I feel like there isn't enough study time in a week. I want to study all the works, but I only have an hour a day. I was able to finish the Book of Mormon this week though. Its amazing how good it is when you actually sit down and read it, eh? But now I am restarting it and I am also starting Doctrine and Covenants and The New Testament. 

This week we had dinner with a part member family and the husband is one of our potential investigators. He is so close to taking the lessons he just needs something. But we found out that his wife is pregnant so hopefully that gives him the kick over the edge.

This Thursday, we had a new missionary follow up meeting. So I got to meet up with Elders Duncanson and Brevard again. It was awesome! I missed those guys a ton. It would be awesome if we could serve together, but since we get along so well, that probably won't happen. But that was definitely the high point of the week.
The low point of the week came Friday. Being in Millwoods, weed gets smoked on a regular basis by the teens here, so riding the buses with them is always interesting. On Friday we got on a bus with an especially obnoxious group of teens who had obiously been smoking. It was so bad I'm pretty sure we smelled like weed when we got off the bus. And they are so disrespectful. They were yelling throwing out f bombs and this less accountable lady about in her 40s asked them to stop. They just cussed at her and stuff. Man I haven't been so mad since Elder P. was my comp in the mtc. There was just such a negative spirit that we just had to get off the bus. So that was the low or "high" of the week because we may have gotten high off the second hand smoke. The only reason i say that is because after, I slipped on the ice and fell to the ground. That hasn't happened before and I was pretty confident with my balance, so i was shocked when I fell. Now I have to buy the district donuts(thats the rule) so that sucks.

Naps have become my best friend. We helped someone move a bunch of stuff out of their house Saturday and we were just tired, so we took a nap and it was glorious. Just one of the many great things of missionary work. Another is when you are at a bus station and there are no more buses coming and a random girl that we have never met comes up to us and offers us a ride(with her dad so it wasnt burnt) That was awesome. We would have had to walk home and walking isn't fun, but it does burn some calories I guess. On Sunday we had Sunday school lesson on how to have a better family life with our children. so that was fun... I guess. I'm not really sure why we have to sit through those lessons when we could be doing something more productive. After church, I made the ultimate missionary meal of grease, fat and grossness. I call it the Pulkin Bagel with Bacon. It has a blueberry bagel, pulled pork, and bacon. The last few bites were gross but it wasn't too bad at first haha.

We are supposed to teach 20 lessons a week now. I don't know how that's going to happen since we are lucky if we get close to 10. But, we are trying for it!

So if you look up 3 Nephi 18:20 it says "and whatsoever ye shall ask the father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you." Joseph Smith did exactly that... In 1820.
Now that I've blown all your minds, have a great week and keep it real!

Elder Thompson

Kinda cold, but not too bad.  We put on warmer coats and thermals after this pic... It was snowy!

District Temple Pic: No we aren't models - we are just missionaries

The MTC District - minus 2

The Pukin' bagel with bacon

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