Sunday, December 15, 2013

What you smokin man? I aint smoking...I'm breathin!

Name that movie
Well week 6 was a gong show! But it went pretty well. We went to Bulk Barn on monday and I'm pretty sure it's the place that we went to when we visited Great Grandma Cahoon. It looked super familiar and that was my only explanation for that. So every pday we play basketball. It's funny playing with my comp becasue he's not that good so he plays kinda dirty. Plus, he is a bit over weight, but that's okay, I've learned to deal with it.
On Tuesday, we had our open house and I guess you could consider it a success. We had a couple nonmembers there, but that's not enough. We could easily have 10-15 there. The members need to get off their butts and start getting involved in the work. But other than having just a couple people there, I felt like it went really well.

I also learned that I'm not the best teacher or even very good. So I was a bit discouraged, but I was reading in the Book of Mormon and I remembered Ether 12:27 which says that weak things will be mad strong when we humble ourselves before God. So I felt a lot better after that. Plus we were able to eat at our Bishop's house for US Thanksgiving. Sister Baldry was going to make us a turkey dinner but didnt have time. So we had really good chilli. Then, our bishop invited us to a hockey game. We told him that we had to have an investigator go so we could and he said, oh no problem, I can make that happen. Haha such a stud! Then after our lesson, he told us about how he was doing tithing settlements and talking a little about missionary work. He said that pretty much all the members had really good things to say and that they were confident in giving their friend's names to us... now they just need to do it! But that was a really big confidence booster. That saying in the district, are you a burden or a help to the bishop.

Well we just got swore at at the library... haha funny stuff. Just Good classy people. 
So we have done a really good job getting up in the mornings and going to morning sports, but what really grinds my gears, is when I drag myself out of bed, and the gym is full of tables and chairs. like come on, what is more important, your ward Christmas party, or my morning sports... We also have done a good job at not eating out as much. But we did go to MacShak and there was hockey on! It was awesome! The Rangers were playing the Bruins and my comp was like oh it's Texas. And Elder L. and I were like nope that New York haha. Elder L. goes home this week so he is really trunky haha. I wish I had more time to get to know him because he seems like a cool guy. Plus he really likes baseball so for sure we get along, even if he is a Giant's fan. Another thing about morning sports is a lot of times, it's just us and the 4 sisters in our district. So really, it's just us helping the sisters play basketball. But whatever, my comp really likes it so whatever. Even though it's not really workout I'll do it to get out of bed.

Saturday, we had a food drive at a store. Highlight of the day, was when a drunk guy came up and said "I dont know why we spend so much money on Mars, when there are people hungry down here. You cant even %*@# on Mars, you can't even *&@# properly in space! " Haha we were laughing so hard for a couple minutes straight.
But the best part of the week, was this fast Sunday. (i say that sarcastically.) The fast Sunday part was fine. What wasn't, was when we were asked to help somebody move in right after church. So we couldnt break our fast because we didn't even have time, so we went and my headache just massively increased. So needless to say, we straight went on a food rampage when we got back to the apartment. Fun stuff.

Anyway, this week could be interesting. Keep it real!
Elder Thompson

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