Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas Adam!

Adam came before eve, get it? ha ha

This week the roads have been super slippery and extra treacherous so it doesn't help when houses have an upward climb to get to the front door. Sketchy! My comp actually slipped this week so there was much rejoicing because now we get donuts! It was pretty dang cold this week so it makes waiting for the buses really suck, oops I mean really unfortunate....

Anyway this week was super quick and we were able to do a lot of service and what not which is always great around the Christmas time of year. On Thursday we were at service most of the day and it was awesome. Not only did we get great service in, but we also got a light saber lamp, a bunch of pizza, and we were on the news. So it was really fun. Our new zone leader caved in to our peer pressure and ate like 10 pieces of pizza. ha ha it was so funny. I ate a bunch of pizza as well so I was stuffed and then we went to dinner and they served us our plates, so we didn't get to serve ourselves and gave us a massive plate of spaghetti. honestly I started crying inside because I was so full.

We had our Christmas conference with our mission president which was amazing. Plus there was a talent show at the  end  and I'm pretty sure the really funny ones weren't supposed to be funny. ha ha it was such a gong show! President Manion is great! even though he shut down our basketball against the high school team. He's not too hot on basketball right now because he just sent an elder home with a torn acl, not sure how he did that playing missionary basketball but whatever. So we countered with just having them come to our pday ha ha so we will play them. we just can't lose or we will be the laughing stock of Edmonton. But I'm fairly confident that we will beat them.

There is a lady in our ward is bonkers with food storage. she has a room full of it and apparently it isn't even half of what they had before they moved. We moved them in and more than half the truck was food storage. Speaking of moves, we helped somebody move into the ward the other day and its really amazing how much faster a move goes when it's not just the missionaries and one other person. It's very nice when we have help.

In other news, it was a sad sad day when the 21 of Dec came around because that marked the last day that we could get the 2 can dine meal for only 5 bucks each. Now our meal is back to 7 bucks :( Im sad just telling about it right now ha ha).

Last night, we went and visited a less active family. I wasn't sure what to expect, but we got there and they are a super sweet family! We are totally in with them and we should be able to get them to church soon enough. I am really starting to feel like a missionary now and not just a total greenie, and I feel like I am actually starting to care much more about others than myself. So I'd say I am really starting to progress as a missionary. I don't want to be a stellar missionary... I want to be the best missionary as well as becoming a disciple of Christ. just being a great missionary is kinda prideful but like Alma 26:20 I think it is, I give all the glory to God.

This week in my studies, I learned a lot about a couple more Christlike attributes. Knowledge and Faith are gifts from God and we really have to work to attain both of them. Lots of people will tell you that they only need faith to be saved but in James 2 and I'm not sure exactly what verse, it says faith without works is dead. Knowledge comes after you work for it and knowledge is essential to be saved in the kingdom of god. No man can be saved in ignorance. Also, I have kinda started studying the Old testament and there are some hilarious scriptures in there ha ha. Maybe just funny to missionary humor but funny none the less.

I love you all and I know this church is true. I wouldn't be out here wasting my time if I didn't believe that. That would be completely pointless. Have a great Christmas adam, Christmas eve, and Christmas!

Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

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