Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Years Adam 12/30/13

I know same lame joke from last week, but do I care??? Nope
This week was a total gong show haha with Chistmas and what not. We also got to help out at a blood drive that was held at the church. it lasted from 8-4... but we got to see some cool stuff. A couple of people passed out, so thats always fun (i can say that because nobody died) we also saw a guy who was apparently really into stretching. Maybe he thought it would make his maple syrup blood come out faster (We have concluded that all Canadians have maple syrup blood because they use so much maple syrup and the colda thickens up blood) He wore a Hawaiian shirt with a Christmas tie so thats how ylou know he meant business. and then once he got a chance, he did some determined stretching. eyes closed and everything, he went hard. So that was the funny of the week. Later that night we went over to the Andersons for Christmas eve dinner and they even invited a non member over so that was fun teaching a non member, even though he was completely uninterested. All we could really do was bear testimony and move on. And then we even got to go back over there Christmas morning. They even got us gifts! They gave us socks and handwarmers haha we were stoked!
Then after skyping, we got invited to a members house in another ward with their set of missionaries, which are the zone leaders who are in our district, and we got even more breakfast. They had homemade waffles and introduced ice cream on wafffles and it was actually good! Leave it to Canadians to find a use for ice cream in the winter( besides dessert. we always get ice cream for dessert) After, we went and played ball hockey in the cul-de-sac, i dont know how to spell that so yeah, and iat was super fun. It was super funny whenever somebody was by the snow bank, everyone dropped their sticks and went and checked them into the snow. Right after that we went to our dinner appointment around 2 and were there for athe rest of the night... so if you do the math(we were there till 10) we were there for 8 hours... it's not like we over stayed, they kept us there. They wanted to play sooooo many games. but iat was fun. they introduced us to the card game Wizard, which is super fun. I for like -100 points the first time we playe it(that's not good...) then went on to win the next with 500 points. Not to brag or anything haha.
I have also solidified the fact that naps are my best friend. i seriously dont know what I would do if I couldn't take a nap. Usually I take a nap durng our lunch hour so I'm not wasting time or anything like that. So our ward is really lazy. The youth do more missionary work than the adults. not saying that is bad, just lazy. so we are going to be working with the youth more now. Jared is 16 and he is already doing a fair amount of work. He is badgering(in a good way) a less active  kid his age to come ato church. We haven't even been able to meet with this LA because nobody knows where he lives. Jared is also working on getting a potential into a legit investigator. He is so close! the potential even has the standard works on his ipad and comes to church with his girlfriend like every other week. He just is worried about his family judging him. Jared is Filipino and super chill. We are going over to his house again this week to eat bilute which is a half developed duck egg. I just hope i can keep it down.
On Friday it dumped some snow on us. So we went around with the YSA elders and did shovel service. we went to a less active house and I have now witnessed the biggest Canadian moment. HE came out with shorts and a tank top, and no shoes.... haha he is super funny too. Just give me 10 minutes with him and I could get such a legit Canadian accent.
Just some advice to anyone that was wondering, don't eat old chilli.... haha just thought id throw that out there. It makes for some mega heartburn and some troubling situations the next morning if your catching my drift... no bueno.
Sunday we went out tracting. We went for just 30 min and still ran into a couple wak jobs. There was a possessed lady that would have started yelling and scaeaming at us if we hadn't left when we did and there was one where they just went to the window and shooed us away. That one was funny because we knocked and we could hear "Mom it's the people that go door to door talking about Jesus" Then he went to the window. Could'nt even give us the courtesy "we aren't inaterested." But thats ok. I used to really dislike tracting because of stuff like that and rejection and what not, but I was reading in D and C and I read that those we share the gospel with and those who reject it, we get to sit in on the judgement of those peeps. So I can't wait for the ones that cussed at us just being like hey, remember me. haha jk but that puts a whole new perspective on things.
Speaking by the spirit is a missionary's most powerful tool. That is what is going to touch investigators, not great teaching skills. sure that helps, bt that isn't the key to them feeling the spirt. Also we cant have a sin now repent after type of attitude. It's so frustrating when i run into somebody like that. I canat even describe what im trying to say, so well just leave it at that.
Quote of the month and excuse my language, but i am quoting this from a member "You gotta watch out, because Satan is a tricky little b...t...d." On that note, dont fall into temptation and have a great new year.
Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

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