Saturday, January 18, 2014

Greenie No More!

This week was so much fun! Mainly because we got to go to the Harry Potter exhibit at the telus world of science, but I'm also not a greenie anymore! It feels so good to be done with 12 weeks and not have that extra hour of studies. But the Harry Potter exhibit was so dope! The only thing that would have made it better was if they would have let us take pictures, dang warner bros. But we also got to go around the telus world of science and we did get to take pics, so i got some there. Hopefully I'll get to send those this week. This fine gentleman sitting across from me is using my usb cord along with his to charge his phone so who knows. I also drycleaned my suit this week in anticipation for transfers. I am staying here and getting a new comp  who is from Ontario Canada so at least it's not utah or idaho.
This week we had interviews with President Manion. I love that guy haha he is just straight up with you. He doesn't sugar coat anything and he just says it like it is, in a loving way of course haha. He told me that there were comps he had that were just flat out fat and were not athletic whatsoever so he really had to learn to get along with those types. I've been lucky that hasn't completely been the case these first 3 months and shouldn't these next couple. from what I have heard, my new comp is fairly fit so that should be good. And President Manion told me ill enjoy serving with him so I am excited!
QGCs got so much harder to get after Z(ed) TM. Now instead of just talking to somebody about the gospel and have them talk back, now we have to do that, get their name, number, address, and a specific return appoinment. so we think that will change fairly quick. Hopefully. Because the other day, i talked to this Sikh guy who had to be like 85 and had a really good conversation. We talked about church and I told him when our services were and he said he would tell people. So now, we get absolutely nothing for that. That being said, if we were able to do that, it should be more effective. The only problem is there aren't people that like to talk to us. And it's frustrating when we work our butts off and get nothing, and the sisters are lazy sacs and go in early and what not, and they are rewarded with a referal that actually works. But I feel like this transfer, things will start booming. we have so many close potentials that are jsut hung up on something that only they can sort out for themselves.
This week we got to go on exchanges with the Zone leaders. So much fun! I went with E. Lear and he is basically exactly like me. Sarcastic, Athletic and basically just a cool guy. But he is from idaho so that kinda dims the light a bit. But it was super fun and while we were on them we did service for a former who had apparently been told by previous missionaries that she was going to hell. Like come on really? But it was good. i don't think she actually though we were going to do it but we did!
We had the oppurtunity to go to a Spanish baptism and it was all en espanol! It was so cool. After the first sentence I was so excited because I understood the whole thing! But then they started talking faster and I was just lost.
Man I miss the sun. on average, I
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see the sun maybe once a week and it just makes the day so much better, no matter how cold it still is outside. But only a couple more months till it pops out a little more.
Quote of the week comes from Brother Stoltz " just some advice for you guys, Women are balls out crazy man. Good luck" haha my new comp has no idea he is about to become relief society.
keep it real!
E. Thompson

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