Sunday, January 12, 2014

Best Ten Bucks Ever Spent 1/6/14

Last pday we did some shopping and I may have made the most responsible purchase of my life... I bought socks with pictures of tacos on them and a shirt with Obama tebowing on the oval office desk. (pics might have to be sent next week) haha I chuckle every time I look at it it's so funny. We also got to play bball against the hs last pday. E. Groskreutz threw down a dunk on their center it was so sick! There were way too many people there though.
New years was kinda boring. We had to be done at 6 so we weren't out on the streets with all the drunk drivers and what not. So we just chilled and played basketball at the church. We didn't stay up because it's kinda pointless as a missionary. But I did not sleep well that night. Our neighbors on all sides had parties and I just could not sleep. It was awful. But we went on with our day as usual. We met with rowdy Roddy, who we have been trying to set an appointment. with for ever. He is a member who just seemed totally uninterested in us. but his family is actually pretty sweet. Just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover ( even though I hate that saying)
Thursday we had district meeting and the whole time we just talked about finding ideas because tracting and bus contacting get really old when you do it all day every day. it doesn't help that we aren't really very creative. But we are working on it. For lunch we got donairs.... so flippin.... good! I don't know how they arent in the us. That same day we did our time and i watched the Tyler Haws vid " a work in progress" it was so good! i dont know if it was actually super good, or if thats the closest I'm going to get to college basketball for a couple of years. I don't know but I watched it a couple of times.
The next day we had the privilege of going to a filipino house where we got to eat Balut. Those pics you will not want to see but im sending them anyway. Sure there were some questionable moments where there almost was some projection from my mouth but I sure kept it down. It actually tasted like turkey, just the thought of eating a half developed duck egg is what gets ya. One of their sons didnt even like it. I got on camera him eating it and then throwing it up. haha so funny!
The next day we couldn't even go outside. it was only like -25 but with wind chill it was too cold according to mission rules. it was so boring. we ended up calling everyone in our phone, only one person got back to us and we rearranged our appartment. so that was good I guess. plus all this time we were fasting becasue since nobody in our ward feeds us, we started our fast after lunch on Saturday, so that was fun.
On Sunday, we went to church at 9. our ward showed up late to 11 oclock church so you can imagine how they were getting to church at 9. That same day we went to gospel doctrine and it was actually somewhat interesting. it was almost like the teacher put some time into the lesson. It made me think about the trip we took to NY and OH for the church history tour. i would enjoy it way more now than before so I will have to venture over there again some day. Later that day, we were out tracting and a car accident happened 5 feet away from me. scared the crud out of me! i was dialing a number on the phone so I wasn't paying attention and then boom! Like I said, it scared the crud out of me. Just for your info, they were two East Indian people, not to be stereotypical, but yeah. Today we are going to the Harry Potter exhibit down town. Getting super nerdy today. i dressed up like slytherin ( as much as i could as a missionary) because I'm a greenie. We also made ourselves wands out of old nasty wooden spoons. haha so legit!
Quote of the week comes to you from Elder Taylor
"I've said it before, and I will say it again. Yoga pants are a privilege, not a right."
heck yeah i ate it! i dont back down from challenges! it was actually pretty good. tasted like turkey

Haha - yes. Gets me every time.
I know super nerdy but I don't care none. hand carved. so jacked to go to the Harry Potter exhibit!

Taco Socks! My new pday socks

Have a great week and keep it real!
Elder Thompson

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