Sunday, January 26, 2014


So I get updates from members on sports so you best believe there was much rejoicing when I found out the Seahawks beat the 49ers and are going all the way!
This week was pretty interesting to say the least. It started off great. A member took us to The Keg for dinner. For those of you who arent familiar with this place it is a super fancy restaurant with $35 steaks.... so yeah. We were like seriously when we pulled up but hey I guess working in the oil business is paying off for them. Afterwards, we stopped by my favorite family just becasue Brother Siakaluk is super sarcastic and loves sports. So I love visiting with them. But Elder Taylor was getting transferred so we stopped by so many members, so not a whole lot got done. But that is just how it is.
Transfer meeting was fun. I got to meet up with my mtc buddies so that was great. It was so weird seeing the missionaries that were going home. I feel like I've already been out for 2 years and I haven't even been out for 4 months! But I have heard that is how everyone feels, so hopefully it picks up. That night we stopped by some members one of which is black. I had to throw that in there becasue he is the only one. He is super funny and just has that black personality for lack of a better explanation. But we stopped by members to introduce the new comp.He is, well, a bit of a gong show. The first night he lost the keys which included the church keys, so we are hosed there, and he is into cooking and fashion so yeah we will leave it at that. He also takes things way too seriously. He needs to relax and have some fun with it. This work can be fun if you let it. Brother Harvey came up to me at church adn must have realized that I was going through a big change because he started talking about his mssion and his companions that he didt necessarily get along with. He said you just try to learn to love them and get through it. But I have noticed that if I just focus on the work, everything will be fine. It will be an interesting transfer.
The next night we stopped by our ward mission leaders home for dinner. His kids are a little spoiled and disrespectful. Like if you imagine your kids, multiply that by 4, it was really awkward. But we want to work with the youth more and take them out with us so hopefully we can get that to go down a bit.
This week has been incredibly warm. On average it was about +3 which is acout 36 in Farenheit. It felt so good. Plus the sun was shining like the entire week! Whenever the sun shines, it just makes the day so much better. If only everyweek could be like this week!
seeds consumed in a 2 week period. most are regular sized cups plus a 1 liter jug

Another plus that came out of this week was we picked up another potential. He is also black so that is way cool and he is a pastor for his church. So he knows the Bible very well. In our meeting with him the other day he told us he loves everything about Mormons and the religion except for the Book of Mormon. He thinks it is like a personal history of Joseph Smith and that Joseph Smith was acting as the Savior. So we had to explain that wasn't the case and then he thought we worshipped him and Mormon. So we explained that as well but he wasn't quite clear on everything. so we are meeting with him this next Saturday to hopefully clear some things up. The hard thing is that he is very knowledgable on the Bible, which isn't the bad thing, but he throws scriptures out left and right. So we, well I could bash really easily with him. The funny thing was that with every "problem" he brought up, I had a scripture that resolved that, or answered his scripture. It was just funny to see how easy it would be to bash. With Elder Taylor, we had the mentality that we didn't bash, but when we did we won. So it is a really big change with the comp because he won't do it at all, partly because he can't. But who knows, maybe it is a good thing. He also wanted to drop this guy, and I was like hold up cowboy, once we resolve his concerns, he is a legit investigator. So it will be fun trying to keep everything moving along, but it shouldn't be too bad.
I think my highlight of the week though was eating at a Chilean woman's house. She made us tacos and I had to cut myself off they were so good. I really miss Mexican food. But it's great to get it once in a while.
 We updated the area book this week so Quote of the week once again comes from Sister Meyers of the District
"If you don't update the area don't understand the atonement"
Keep it real and have a great week!
Elder Thompson

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