Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 72: Missionaries are really just US spies

Hello everybody, I hope you all have been doing good. Our week was pretty busy which is always good. So Saturday was the Social Media split day which was pretty weird, not going to lie, having people follow you around all day taking pictures. at least they were friendly stalkers eh? But it was good. It was actually really nice having members with you at every appointment instead of only a couple during the week. That made a huge difference in the Less Active lessons. 

So there was kinda a funny experience. We got a different car on Monday and the following day, it was so cold that the doors were frozen shut (pretty common) and then they wouldn't close! so we had to pull them hard and then hit the lock button. And it was only -20. I'm worried what will happen when it does get really cold. 

We went on Exchanges out to Lloydminster this week which covers part of Saskatchewan, so that was cool. We blitzed the area, so instead of one of us staying in our own area and the other going to their area, we both went to their area. One of the elders was sick, so we alternated who stayed in the apartment with him, so that was pretty boring! But it was still good. One crazy experience from the exchange. dinner was with an older couple and the man was real sick, like diaper worthy sick. so he wasn't there for the whole dinner, but near the end he came out and talked with us, then he stood up and uh oh! he was off. it smelled real bad. just thought I would let you all have a little taste of the experience with me :) 

We met a crazy Sikh man this week on the LRT. He claimed that all missionaries were from Utah (which is almost true) and that we were all spies sent by Clinton to find out Canada's secrets.

Quote of the week is from Ward Coordination meeting. We were talking about funny asian experiences with the Mandarin elders, so our ward mission leader brought up an experience of an asian that was talking about the elections and they asked (this is with the asian accent) "when was your last erection?" haha gotta love the YSA ward.

Scripture of the week is Matthew 10:6 
"But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." I came across this in my studies this week and realized that some of the most important work either missionaries or members will do, is work from the inside out. Strengthening the ward will ultimately produce missionary opportunities that will lead to conversion. 

Keep it real,

Elder W.Chad Thompson

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