Sunday, February 16, 2014


I can't believe I have been out for 4 months now. Some days it seems like I've been out 4 years and others like 4 days. But it's been a good 4 months. I feel likeIi have really learned and grown a lot. As of right now I can't even imagine 4 more months, but I've heard it picks up.
This week we decided to shake things up a bit. We have been trying different tracting approaches because regular tracting is just plain boring. So we did one where the comp comes up with a word that you have to use in your approach and whoever cant do one loses (obviously the word couldnt be super hard) so we use words such as quiet, and same, and savor and stuff like that and do you want to know who won, not that it matters but I think it's funny, yep it was me. I won with the word habit. So that was fun but not very effective. So another thing we have been doing is finding by the spirit. we say a prayer to know where to go and what to say. So we tried and we both had completely different ideas. But before that will work completely we both have to wake up on time and stuff like that. I have actually gotten pretty good, but he for sure needs some help. So we put an additional light in the room and at 6 30 I turn it on and shine it at him. It seemed to work this morning so we will see how that goes.
We had a really interesting experience on Tuesday. We finally met with our one investigating family all east Indian and well it was just really weird. We started out just going there to set up an appt. with the dad, whose name is Alfred and his son answered and said he wasnt there and then invited us in. He said his dad would only be 30-45 min. so we decided to stay and talk with him. We came to find out thatall of the sons names are Alfred so we were really confused. Eventually we ran out of things to talk about. Then the mom came down and gave us juice and chips, so we kinda had to stay longer, I mean it's juice and chips we are talking about. Then she started talking about her faith in Jesus Christ so we were like great! Then she turns on the tv and shows us this pastor dude that she follows and shows us one of his sermons or whatever you want to call it. iIt was all in hindi of course so we didnt understand a word. But she looked back on average every 4 seconds ( i counted) to make sure we were still watching. so we were super uncomfortable. Then the dad finally comes home and we were relieved but then he went and took a 20 min shower so she turned it back on! So weird. Finally he came down to stay and then the people on the tv started praying so the mom looked at us and said pray. pray. and we were like ummm we dont really feel comfortable doing that. but we didn't say anything so then the son explained that meant we could share a message and I know I was really relieved. so we shared a message and headed out. on the way out the dad handed us an envelope with something about a rock in the description so we were like sweet a gift! we left and later opened it and came to realize it was tithing.... he had given us his tithing money. Soooo yeah we'll have to return that. But at least it won't be hard teaching them about tithing! It was just a super weird experience.
It's amazing how people trust missionaries even though they dont know us personally. Like the Spanish family we helped had only known missionaries for a week or 2. The other day we went to a less actives that we had never met and he vented on us, hard. He had a really messed up life but I was just amazed that he shared that with us. It was tear jerking honestly listening to all the crap he had gone through. But we now have someone we can work with!
Saturday was again really busy. we didn't even get to eat breakfast or lunch. But the city counselor  came to our church tour so that was great! While we were there I heard the funniest thing I have in a while. This guy was talking about how his wife was stressing over when her baby was going to come and here is the quote of the week. "Hey you were the one that planned it, I was just there for the show." Haha I thought it was hilarious. He also knew where Yucaipa was so that was cool.
Stake conference was super good. it was all about missionary work. so maybe our dinners will pick up again and members will start giving referrals. hopefully anyway.
Does anyone have any advice on things to talk about with someone who has absolutely nothing in common with you? IT makes for a really long day when you dont have stuff to talk about.
Also I won't be emailing till next Tuesday due to our temple p-day. Our p-day next week is changed from Monday to Tuesday so we can go to the temple. 

But anyway, keep it real!
Elder ThompsonThey gave the Meadows missionaries the comfy chairs because we are in a walking area.They gave the Meadows missionaries the comfy chairs because we are in a walking area.
Zone Training - They gave the Meadows Missionaries the chairs since we are in a walking mission.

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