Sunday, February 9, 2014


Definitely taking credit for calling the Seahawks winning. Ask anyone who know me. and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they are my team... but yesterday was pretty depressing. Seahawks in the Superbowl and I can't even watch; plus no one would meet with us because they were watching. And you really don't appreciate food until Fast Sunday.
But, can I just say I love being a missionary. The friendships that you create with other missionaries and members is so cool. This last week I laughed harder than I have laughed in a long time. I also had the two longest days of my life since day 1 and 2 of the mtc. It was super cold and windy and I kept slipping, like a million times (but not falling) and eventually i was just done with it. I said screw it we're going bus contacting. My comp is a rather weak individual so I can basically get him to do anything I want.
The week did pick up though thank goodness. We met with a couple of less actives and got in with one for the first time since I have been here. So hopefully he can progress and eventually return to activity. We also contacted a referal, which came from one of the only missionary minded families(shocker),  and it turns out he was really interested! Only problem is he and the less active don't speak very good English, so we have to pass them over to the French missionaries. It's fitting because our ward is not ready to receive new investigators. Bishop said athat was the reason he felt work was so slow in this area was becasue the ward wasn't ready. So that's pretty frustrating. But thats ok, we are working on it. Dinners stopped as of yesterday so we are back to 2-3 a week. So that's fun, but I guess its a good thing noodles are cheap!
Saturday was probably the best day out of the week. We ended up with 4 lessons taught (to members of course) we were suppose to get a less active that day too but it fell through. So Saturday went by super quick which was good because I am getting tired of slow days. We met with a Filipino family last at like 8 and of course you can't get out of a Filipino house without getting fed with more food to take home haha. They are the best! This week we met with another black family which was so cool becasue they are so cool! But we shared the testimony of the Book of Mormon by Jeffrey Holland and the dad started crying, so that was really cool. That is still by far my favorite Mormon message.
Studies this week were good. I read a lot in Jesus The Christ, The Old testament, New Testament and Book of Mormon. my plan is to finish all of those and all the missionary library at least twice by the end of the mission. I have already finished True to the Faith and Our Search for Happiness,  so that's good. The only exception is the Old Testament. I am only going to read that once haha.
I studied about Mary and the miracle of her pregnancy. In Jesus The Christ,  Talmage explains that it wasn't a miracle in the sense of a happening  contrary to nature's law but of the higher law. The higher law is something that the human mind sometimes fails to comprehend. He then says that Jesus got his traits, both human and godly through the ordinary operation of heredity. Then he reiterates that it was Not in violation of natural law. So I have a theory, but with my limited resources as a missionary, I'll just have to leave it at that.
I also studied up on faith. We can't expect an immediate solution to our problems. We have to trust that with God's help, we will get through and grow from every experience. But faith is essential. If we have the faith to move a mountain, don't be surprised  if you are given a shovel. That being said, faith is certainly essential in moving a mountain. But that will only happen if it is in accordance with God's will. Try to put your faith in God's will rather than a certain outcome and you will see his hand in your life.
I read a lot about the law of Moses and i thought it was hilarious for having to put in a law about men lying with animals. If any lie with a beast, they shall surely be put to death. Who the Junk is going to get the hots for an animal???
In other news there is actually someone here who has heard of Yucaipa! But only cause he lived in So Cal for awhile. Also I got questioned by the cops at our apartment! The Spanish elders dropped something off at our apartment while we weren't home. SO they went through the sliding door since it doesn't lock. On their way out, someone saw said they calling the cops and they took off. Why? I don't know. SO yeah they came and questioned me bcause my comp was cowering in the back haha. Whatever, I'll take the lead.
I don't really have a quote for this week.
On that note, hopefully you peeps in socal get some rain. Take ours. I wouldn't mind.
Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

Trip to the beach?
Trip to the beach???

Finally new desks!  I even have a drawer!

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