Monday, March 17, 2014

The Things You Learn as a Missionary

I have come to learn lots of exciting things thus far on my mission. The biggest thing and what I am most excited for, is if there is a party at the church where food is involved and we aren't invited, all we have to do is show up at the end and just happen to walk by like we are going to the washroom and they will offer us food. It never fails. Sure sometimes it takes 2-3 times walking by, but it always works! I have also come to the realization that there are crappy days, and then there are real crappy days where it doesn't even smell because it was that bad. We had a day where we went tracting for a solid 4 hours and not 1 soul would let us even get a sentence out before they were slamming the door in our faces. But, those days make the good days even better! I also learned how to write my name in hindi this week from one of our investigators, so I am writing that all over the place, and I am going to order a hindi nametag today for a finding idea, or whatever will get me one. And last thing that I learned this past week, came from a member. He told us to pay attention to all of our companion's personalities, and the one that makes you the happiest, look for a girl that has those same things and marry her!
But we had a super good week this past week weather wise. There were days where we didn't even have to wear coats! I was so excited. We are only supposed to have one more snowfall and then it is done! Well it should be anyways. But with this great weather, there are puddles, and we are a walking area... so we may or may not have gotten nailed by a car or two. So now we are kinda looking behind our backs, alot.
So we have really been trying to get members involved here, so we integrated something called the hour of power. We go to the member's home, share a quick message and then go tracting with the husband. It works whether it is succesful or not. We either find someone, or it is awful and they realize that they have to get involved because tracting is super ineffective. We also want to start a Bible study class that a member teaches that we can invite non members to.
This week in my studies, I finished Jesus the Christ, which is such a good book. I would encourage everyone to read it. I feel super smart when I read it because Talmage uses big words a lot haha. but in it, it talked about how after the Savior was resurrected and they were to continue the work, they were filled with the holy ghost and changed a lot, especially Peter. he went from denying Christ 3 times which started from a maid, to staring a crucifixion in the face and still preaching, even though he took some awful beatings for it. It's really amazing what the spirit can do. I went from a timid greenie not knowing/wanting to talk to people to just going for it. It's really cool.
Quote of the week comes from a crazy older guy in our ward who has that typical crazy man hair. he said "Only when the student is ready, does the master appear" which is why we have to talk to every single person we pass by because we don't know who God is preparing.
Keep it real,
Elder Thompson
Sweater vest club - now that it's warm enough

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