Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Weekend

They really sell this in Canada for Easter!
This Easter weekend was a lot of fun. We even got to go over to a member's home for an easter egg hunt! and we got a ton, and I mean way too much chocolate from a bunch of differernt members. Yesterday we even had two dinners. I don't really feel like ever eating or thinking about food again. Our first dinner was a big ham dinner with potatoes and the whole lot. They offered us seconds and my comp was quick to say no, which meant I had to take seconds. So I did while crying knowing that I was going to eat again in like 30 minutes. We traveled to our next dinner which was at a Filipino house and they said they made a lot of turkey for us... I about peed my pants. So we got a little bit of food and spread it on the plate to make it look like we had more and we ate very slowly. Then the husband was like oh, come on elders have some more, so we did and again he said, come on elder, we made this food for you. Eat more. so we said ok as a tear fell down my face. They of course knew that we had a dinner already so they were just having fun with us. Then they forced pumpkin pie down our throats and i was feeling good like ok I can make it through the night. but no, that's when they brought out the brownies... i cried myself to sleep haha. But it was good and we got leftovers so that was good even if I did gain like 10 pounds in one night.
But this area is really cool. We have some cool members with some interesting circumstances. One is a lady who we call grandma deni and she is blind. but she is so up beat and loves to have us over. She even pays for our lunch once a week. Then there is Russel. he is a less accountable guy who is so much fun to be around. He writes all the missionaries after they leave the area.
We also get to go to a place called Hudson's Hope which is an hour away and in our area. We have less actives and members there. We also were able to pick up two new investigators. They were a referral from a member and they are super interested. Weird how things happen when members get involved. That's one of the reasons that this area is a stark contrast from my last. So keep going right along and doing missionary work, because that's the only way that the work is going to be hastened.
Keep it real,
Elder Thompson

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