Sunday, September 6, 2015

Do You Know the Muffin Man

Hello everyone, hope all is going well for you. We have P-Day today because we have interviews tomorrow in Sherwood Park, so we are pretty excited for that. These next couple of weeks will be a gong show. Next week we have another mission conference, and this time Elder Golden jr. of the 70 will be coming up. so we get to travel into Edmonton again!! crazy times. Things up in Canada have been pretty good, although it has been quite a long week. We had transfer meeting and the ap's called the day before and said the plans had changed and i was no longer going in. Elder Parker and an elder from Lloydminster went in instead of me... i wasn't too happy about it. Most of my mission friends are now home and a few went home at this past meeting so i was hoping to see em, but oh well. But now we are settled back in Vermilion doing our thing. We have begun the process of tracting out Vermilion again for the who nows how many times. So that should be good!

As mentioned last week, Elder Robinson is my companion and he is from Twin Falls Idaho. He likes Basketball and Football so that is pretty cool, although he is a Utah Jazz fan ;) and with that comes a particular pride that is a bit different from other loyal fans of other teams, But its all good, i can be petty similar sometimes haha! but we will have some fun! He is willing to work, so im excited to go all out. He has been out for 4.5 months, so of course he knows everything about being a missionary haha. I think my favourite was when he asked if i knew about 7th day adventists hoping to teach me that they worship on saturday. i just said, yeah bro, i am well aware. he seemed kinda bummed that i had already discovered that "deep, unforseen"knowledge haha. Maybe ill go along with it one of these days to make him happy. but it has been good! He actually has a pretty cool conversion story, so its gonna be a fun transfer. The branch presidency had some fun with him yesterday as well. they were making lots of Idaho jokes, like "do they have indoor plumbing?" and "are the roads actually paved there?" haha it was pretty great! He has been a good sport about it so that is always good.

The branch president is pretty awesome here. he was leading the jokes and is a super chill funny guy! We went out to the one of the outlying villages of our area and he drove us and it was great. we actually had a really productive day, and we didn't have to waste kilometres. We met with a less active family that nobody has had contact with since before summer, and met up with our investigators as well to introduce him and he invited them to church. Member missionary work is great! It really helps us out.
Quote of the week is from Hugh B. Brown "Experience is not what happens to man, but what he does with what happens to him" Im grateful for this time that i have had to server the Lord and im looking forward to the time left to make some things happen!

Keep it real,
Elder W.Chad Thompson

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