Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mosquitoes = Spawns of Satan

Hello everyone, hope you all had a great week! We have had a pretty good week. Looking back on it now, it seems like it's been a long one, but it has been filled with good stuff! It was Elder Parkers Birthday on Sunday so that was fun. We could have fit everyone at church in a van! So it got cut short to the 2 hour block and we had a lunch after where we got free food! So that's awesome, because once again the dinner calendar was untouched. But we are still looking forward to this week nonetheless because on Saturday we get to leave the mission! We are going to Meadow Lake Saskatchewan for a service project building homes on a native reserve and some members from Lloydminster got it approved and they will be driving us, so I'm pumped!

So my companion and are doing really well with Comp unity, we are in so deep we even both have in grown toe nails! So that has been fun. Mine isn't too bad, just enough to be super annoying and Parkers looks like he should just cut his toe off! So we bought some Epsom Salt this week to try and make them a bit better.

We did service yesterday out on a Ranch taking down a barbed wire fence. I now know why so many of the Canadians swear so much out here. Not only is there thistle everywhere, so thick it cuts through your jeans, it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes who seemed like they hadn't ever before seen any living thing with blood. I was eaten alive...

We went on exchanges again this week, with Lloydminster and I went out there again. We had a pretty cool experience and I had a funny one. So we had a priest with us for a lesson that fell through and I guess the elder hadn't planned any backups, so we went tracting. We knocked on 3 doors. The first one was a slam, second no answer and the third one was the best. We noticed a no soliciting sign so they didn't want to knock it, but I just told them that if they brought it up, we just ask them to define soliciting for us (everyone has a different definition) so we knocked and sure enough the guy pointed to the sign, so I then told him to define it for us. He didn't, but just asked us who we were with, so we told him The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and he said, oh Jehovah's, we said nope, Mormons! He then said " oh well I don't have a problem with you, do you want to come in and share a message?"  We were just like "uh... Yeah!" Haha it was pretty strange. He was super nice to us from then on and even offered us stuff out of his garden. Then we went to the branch activity which was bump. So there is always this guy, nonmember, there who is a bit prideful, and a loose canon, and has a short fuse. He kept getting out and would complain and cry and what not saying we weren't letting him play for 5 seconds. So the last game he was in front of me and I took it easy on him the first 3 shots or so, I'd let him make it before I'd shoot. The branch mission leader was right behind me, and he was just like, "Go hard!" So I shot and got him out, and the guy said "oh I knew it, you little bas*ard!" Haha I have never been called that playing a game of bump! We all had a pretty good laugh at it.

Quote of the week is from Thomas S. Monson
"There is no tomorrow to remember, if we don't do something today!" This is something I have learned especially out here in Canada. We will be so much happier if we live in the present. Sure there are always those times where we have crappy days and look forward to the next day, but we can't just live waiting for the future because that one big event rolls along and goes, what then? Do we just wait for the next one for excitement? It also will not be as grande as it could be if we enjoy the little moments in the daily life. That's what makes the big events grande and exciting.

Keep it real,
Eat some Mexican food for me.
Elder W.Chad Thompson

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